Author:Homer H. Hickam Jr.
Translator(s):Lâm Thanh Tùng
Genre:Văn học
Dimensions:13,5x20,5 cm
Cover:Bìa mềm, tay gấp
Publication Date:2009

Homer Hickam Jr., also called as Sonny, dreams of becoming a part of Werner Von Braughn's team of scientists to help the United States in the space race. His family is from Coalwood, West Virginia, which is just a small coal mining town. This story is about a small town teenager who only wants a chance at the real world. Sonny and his friends have just watched the Russians launch their rocket into space by seeing the rocket from their small backyard in Coalwood, West Virginia. Right at that moment Sonny knew that he wanted to be involved in more than just mining like his father. His brother was a football star and mister popular, while he was the younger brother in the band. Sonny gathered all his friends together and proposed that they build rockets of their own to help the U.S. Their first few rockets did not go very high and they went screaming through the air in different directions. Eventually they found a book to help them build rockets of their own make. They even figured out a rocket fuel to help the rockets fly higher and more powerful. Homer H. Hickam, Jr. is a great author and was even more amazing because it was a memoir of his life when he was younger. This book helps to explain how the coal miner's life, as well as their families, was affected by the miners strike and decline in demand. My own personal thoughts on the book were beyond amazed. I like history and this book was a history lesson combined with the dramas of six teenage boys trying to get a chance at something other than coal mining. A lot of people thought it was boring, but they must not have understood the true meaning behind the words. I hope anyone who reads this will understand the determination it took for all of the boys to build their rockets and send them into the air. This book is a great way to teach about a small-town boy's life.

* A Great , Great story
I get so depressed by some of the books on the market. Heavy themes, hidden meanings, verbose authors. October Sky is a get what you see book. It is simple but not too simple. It is an honest story about an honest guy growing up in West Virginia. His life is like ours. He has friends and enemies, successes and failures, girlfriends and conflicts.

But his life is also a model for our time. Homer Hickam is a very special person and he has told the story of his life in this book. Mr. Hickam grew up modestly in a coal mining town. His love of rocketry, no his passion for rocketry pulls him out of an average community and propels him to success in spite of his family and surroundings.

Few books appeal to adults and young adults alike. This is one. I want my wife to read it as well as my 13 year old son. Hickam is a mentor and I've never even met him. This is such down to earth honest writing it makes you smile.

Read this wonderful story and you will have a hard time approaching your next mystery or drama. It is refreshing. I don't even want to see the movie after reading this book. I want the images I have to last not the ones Hollywood created. __ Beau Thurnauer “Beau” (Coventry, CT USA)

* Romanticism + Postmodernism = "October Sky"
Romanticism is yellow paint, and postmodernism is blue paint. Many authors do not know how to mix the two colors together, so that the colors unite and become one color. Hickam is one the few authors who are able to mix romanticism and postmodernism into green paint. This green pain is the must-read story called "October Sky" by Homer J. Hickam Jr. Even though this book was written in 1997, Hickam efficiently transitions romanticism into postmodernism. As a result, approximately every prominent romantic trait can be clearly seen in "October Sky." Thus, this postmodern book is the most suitable book for those people who wish to learn about 18th Century romanticism in postmodern era.  
Romantics in the 18th Century believed that there was an imprisoning boundary that surrounded them. It was a tradition that society did not even dare breaking. Society during the 18th Century followed their tradition of living for their future by only praying and studying the bible to ensure their tickets to heaven. Romantics sought to break away from that `imprisoning' boundary through the famous Renaissance. Instead of dully living their lives by only praying, romantics began to live their lives for the present by entertaining themselves. Romantics began to paint art, write philosophies that tested God's existence, read books other than the bible, and conducted scientific experiments that once again challenged God's powers. The Renaissance at first appalled society; however, soon enough society accepted the break away from tradition.  
This romantic aspect can clearly be seen in "October Sky." By building rockets to enter the imaginative infinite medium of room called Space, Sonny was determined to break away from society's imprisoning boundaries. Because these rockets were breaking society's traditional presumption that nothing could enter Space, society was cynical towards Sonny's rockets. However, as a romantic, Sonny persistently pursued his goals to break away from the imprisoning boundaries. At times there were obstacles that were at first seemed too hard to overcome. Therefore, Sonny resorted to nature for refuge and hope, which is a very romantic aspect. Nature was Sonny's sacred place where the urban society's imprisoning boundaries could not enter. Therefore, by resorting to nature, Sonny could limitlessly allow his imagination to soar. In nature, he did not have to confront his tiring battle against the imprisoning boundaries; and thus, found peace in nature. As a result, because Hickam could find peace and hope in nature, he claimed that true beauty could only be found in nature, which is an extremely romantic trait.
Therefore, even though this book is set during postmodern era, romanticism soars in "October Sky." With a combination of romanticism and postmodernism, this book is surely the most inspiring and educational book not only about rocketry, but also about life. We should always constantly pursue our goals and fight any hindrances such as, the imprisoning boundaries that Sonny has fought in "October Sky." I believe that if I give a longer review not only will people move on to the next review, but I will also spoil the ending. Therefore, I will conclude this review with a two thumbs up! __ usjoeshin5 “usjoeshin5” (Seoul, South Korea)

* Lost for Words....
This book is the best book that I have ever read. If you do not own it, then buy it IMMEDIATELY. This book makes you feel as if you are Sonny Hickham and you may laugh when he laughs, despair when he does, and maybe even shed a tear when he is unhappy. This book really captures one's imagination. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Feel free to contact me at: \n

* Dreams
After reading Rocket Boys, I have come to the fast conclusion, that Homer H. Hickam Jr. is one of the best American writers of all time. Hickam is composed of intelligence, passion, and big dreams, making him the most prodigious author in my eye. He wrote a story that wasn't only a story, but a true tale that every kid, teenager, or adult can relate to. Not every book is created in such a miraculous package of story-telling. Whenever I read this book, I feel magic and electricity flowing from Hickam's pages and into the confines of my soul. Perhaps this man didn't sit down and write this story imagining it would have such a strong affect on a person, but I don't think Wernher Von Braun imagined sending a rocket into space would set off such a spark of ambition in the eyes of a mere boy. Hickam has influenced the lives of many people around the world with this little book of hope. Because of the experiences, and creativity of this man, I myself have become inspired to be a writer. I am so grateful to Homer H. Hickam Jr. for writing the book that gave me dreams, I never thought I would have. God Speed to the author of the most powerful book I have ever read...Rocket Boys__ Anonymous

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