Author:Mark Albion
Translator(s):Phương Anh
Genre:Kinh tế - Quản trị
Dimensions:14,5x20,5 cm
Cover:Bìa mềm, tay gấp
Publication Date:2009

Asks one question in many ways, using questions and stories to reframe your career decisions for life's essential purpose: What will your contribution be? The answer will tell you how you will be remembered, how future generations will think of you when they look at your ancestral tree, and when your eulogy is read, whether or not you'd be proud of what is said....More Than Money is meant to complement a business school education. Whereas a rapidly growing number of schools now have courses in sustainable development, microfinance, corporate social responsibility, and social enterprise, few have material to help you develop a sustainable career. The book is written so that whether you are considering business school, entering business school, a current student, or a graduate, it should speak directly to you. I know. I've sat in your seat. __ Preface from the Publisher.

* MBAs on More Than Money
"Mark nearly brought me to tears at many points throughout the book, as I deeply related to and agreed with much of what he had to say. It's comforting to read Mark's words and know that I am not alone." __ Kristina Päster, Presidio School of Management MBA 2008

"Why do we need to suffer before finding our way? I wish I had read this book before I graduated." __ Chiara Rinaldi, MBA SDA Bocconi (Italy), 2005

"More Than Money describes risk and reward in terms that fit the decisions of every person fortunate and driven enough to pursue an MBA. If you seek a life of value and real wealth, you must read this book." __ Aaron James, University of Michigan Ross School of Business MBA candidate, 2010

"This book should be required for all MBAs. I have shared the principles with my dean and fellow classmates, who all find them to be powerful." __ Ishita Deshmukh, Yale School of Management MBA candidate, 2009

"Don't miss this book--it's worth every penny to take the time to find your own destiny." __ Sarah Endline, Harvard Bu

* When I read "More than Money" I found myself wishing it had been written back in 1990 when I was questioning the point of my own MBA studies. I wanted to make a reasonable amount of money, sure. But more than that, I believed in the whole global village thing -- the idea that wealth is meant to be shared, not simply leveraged to horde more wealth -- and the message I kept getting back then (even at socially aware institution like the Monterey Institute of International Studies' Fischer School of International Business), was that internationalism served the bottom line, not the other way around.

My solution was to augment my MBA with a Masters in International Policy Analysis, in the hopes of finding some kind of hybrid career. It was a lonely decision. The community I was looking for hardly existed then. It's grown and coalesced since, but it still has a long way to go, and forward-looking writers like Dr. Albion are helping point the way.

This book has an important message for us all. The global business community is made of individuals. Its values will be the values of the majority of its members, and until we -- as individuals -- recognize that real happiness doesn't lie solely in the size of our television screens and SUVs, that community will keep harming our global village as much as it helps it __ David F. Wood (San Francisco, CA)

* This is an exceptionally well-written book that should be read by anyone trying to come to terms with the relationship of work to one's overall life purpose. Dr. Mark's experiences as an educator, entrepreneur and consultant have given him the insight to ask questions that everyone should ask and answer regarding their career path. I am a "recovering" lawyer and am 20+ years into my business career. The information in this book and the questions raised by Dr. Mark are as relevant to me now as they will be to anyone just getting started on their own career path. Don't just read this book - take part in it. It will profoundly and positively influence your life. __ Christopher G. Kenny (Albuquerque, NM USA)

* Professor Albion's book is a bastion of light to those who are looking for meaning and purpose from their work. His book is a straightforward guide and a call to action for those seeking a fulfilling career of service. The book targets MBA's, but would be well received by anyone looking to reshape their career, and life, around the values that they hold dear. I would recommend this book to anyone who asks the question: Can there be more to work than just making money? __ Chris Oestereich “NetImpacter” (Saint Louis, MO United States)

* More Than Money reaffirms that as human beings we first need to love and be loved, before we are MBAs. Our MBA degrees, our positions, money, and assets are tools that can help us to love. For when all is said and done, on our death beds, love is the only thing that will have mattered. Thank you Dr Mark Albion for being that voice that speaks to our spirits, not just our heads. __ Tolulope Idowu Ilesanmi, McGill MBA 2005 (Montreal, Canada)

* This is the best book I have read since I entered business school. 99% of my career research thus far had been focused on typical post MBA careers (e.g. investment banking, consulting, etc.). Mark takes a completely different approach and asks what are you passionate about? What makes you excited to get out of bed each morning and live life to the fullest? I realized very quickly while reading Mark's book that I was researching careers based on other people's expectations of success. There is an expectation at business school to pursue glamorous jobs like banking, etc. In fact, isn't that the reason why most ambitious people get an MBA? More Than Money encouraged me to look deep inside myself. What I found, quite frankly, was that I was not being true to my inner spirit. I recommend this book to any MBA student who trying to determine their course in life or if they are interested in taking a pause to evaluate their career decisions. You will find the material in the book to be enlightening and inspiring. Mark encourages each MBA to find their passions in life. If you work at something you are passionate will never work a day in your life.__ Russell S. Lee "Chicago GSB student"

* Mark's book makes one point very clear to me: that leadership is about service. MBA programs around the world are intent on molding leaders that make a positive impact in the lives of people, indeed the world. More Than Money reminds us that there are many paths an MBA can take to make a difference - from investment banking in London to running a not-for-profit organization in Calcutta. Mark asks us to reflect on four key questions that will help us define our path. This quick and easy read will touch you, and perhaps, bring you closer to a more meaningful life.__ Roberto Jimenez (Bangalore, India), Class of 2009, Yale University - School of Management

* More Than Money is a must-read for every MBA. It's not the pat, typical advice you've heard a million times. It helps you get a true-life, honest look at _your_ own values and how to combine the sometimes contradictory goals _you_ have for _your_ life, whatever they may be. Mark Albion knows what he's talking about from his own experiences and the amazing amount of time he has given to MBAs across the country. I highly recommend this book, and the sooner you read it the better. Don't wait until you're about to start your job search. Read it now. Now! __ Michelle Watkins (Albuquerque, New Mexico)


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