About Us

DT Books, the abbreviation for Dan Tri Books (meaning “Books for People’s Intellect/Knowledge”) is a publishing company separated from PACE in 2008. Previously, it was the Department of Publication of PACE (PACE is a prestigious educational organization in HCM City that provides short-term training courses for CEOs, managers, executives and leaders, and so on in various walks of business), in charge of publishing activities, dedicated to publishing the best works by prominent writers both from Vietnam and abroad. It aims to acquire the rights to the world’s great titles, translate these non-Vietnamese-language works, and provide readers with the highest quality products.

With a mission to provide high-quality, valued books to Vietnamese readers to enrich their minds and spirits, and to bring Vietnam’s best books to the world, DT Books strives for exceptional quality in translating and publishing young adults and children’s books, business books, education and other literary works. We are strongly committed to high-quality translation on each and every title we work on.

We at DT Books are very selective and only focus on the world’s best titles that would make great impact on the intellectual and educational development in Vietnam.